Young Adults

  • Are you struggling as you transition to adult responsibilities?

  • Has technology taken over your life?

  • Are your work and personal lives out of balance?

  • Do you live your life on your screen?

  • Do you feel powerless over the direction of your life?

young adultCounseling may help you figure out what you want in life, who you are, and where you are headed. Counseling can also provide you with support and confidence as you navigate life.

For many young adults, being on your own does not go as smoothly as you would like. You may feel you are spending too much time on your phone or computer at the expense of face-to-face interaction. Perhaps you feel inadequate and envious of the lives of your peers. If you feel powerless in your career, your work-life balance is skewed, and you’re not sure of the direction your life is headed, counseling may help.

Counseling may help you define your work goals, learn effective time management and learn positive patterns to ensure you are living the life you want. Counseling can also help with chronic worry, depression, or self-harming behaviors.

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