Anger Management

  • Do you feel powerless over your anger?

  • Are you regretful after an angry outburst?

  • Are there certain triggers that incite your anger?

  • Are you becoming angry on a regular basis?

anger managementPerhaps you always feel angry or are ready to explode. Maybe a certain person or situation always triggers an angry outburst. Are these outbursts out of proportion to the situation? Is your anger causing damage to your relationships? If you feel you can’t control your anger, and it is taking a toll on your personal and professional life, you may need help with managing your anger.

Anger is a basic emotion that allows an individual to express the need for change, and it can be the impetus necessary to make those changes. Anger also helps you express when something is wrong or unjust. But if anger is excessive, misdirected, or applied inappropriately, the behavior may not be acceptable.

If excessive anger has become a concern in your life, something you are unable to manage, you can learn strategies to handle this powerful emotion. With guidance from objective experts, you can learn to manage your anger. The professional therapists at Martin Therapy Group are trained in helping people identifying what triggers their anger and developing appropriate strategies to respond. If you are experiencing difficulty managing your anger, it may be time to contact Martin Therapy Group. We are here to help.

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