Martin Therapy Group Resources

General Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health | (866) 615-6464 |
National Alliance on Mental Illness : Helpline | 800-950-6264 |

Anxiety Disorders/Mood Disorders

Anxiety and Depression Association of America | (240) 485-1001 |
International OCD Foundation | (617) 973-5801 |
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance | (800) 826-3632 |

ADHD/ADD Resources

Attitude: Inside the ADD Mind
Attention Talk Radio |
Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Crisis Hotlines

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | (800) 273-8255 |
Child Abuse or Neglect (DCFS) Hotline | (800) 252-2873 |
National Domestic Violence Hotline | (800) 799-7233 |

Resources for Couples and Families

The Gottman Institute | (888) 523-9042 |

Resources for Adolescents

Teen Help |
The Bridge Teen Center | (708) 532.0500 |
National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens |

Sleep Resources

CBT For Insomnia |
National Sleep Foundation |

Social Networking

Meetup | A social networking website for finding friends, support groups, new experiences, causes, like-minded people, etc. It’s a de-isolation tool, and very useful |

Helpful Self-Help Smartphone Apps

Headspace | | Basic relaxation and stress-reduction techniques.
Smiling Mind | | App targeted for youth who struggle with depression and anxiety.
Panic Relief | | Designed to help people with effectively manage panic attacks.
Depression CBT Self-help Guide | | Mood improvement tools based on cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Daylio Journal | | Journal without having to write a single line. Tracks activities and moods and encourages healthy habit building.

These resources are being posted to provide information on a variety of sources which clients may find helpful. Martin Therapy Group cannot guarantee the effectiveness or accuracy of the above resources. Content found in the any of the resources listed reflects the work or the organization listed, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Martin Therapy Group.