Grief Counseling

  • Are you feeling prolonged grief over the loss of a loved one?

  • Are you experiencing the loss of a family unit due to divorce?

  • Are you feeling loss of dreams and hope for some part of you your life or relationship?

griefGrief is a natural reaction to loss. Losing someone we love is painful, and all of us will experience loss at some point. Sometimes the loss is evident in our daily lives—you reach for the phone to call someone, or you miss someone at a family event. You have to adjust to a new normal. Other times you may be grieving because of a change in your family due to a divorce or death. You can also experience grief over the loss of a dream, including a job that doesn’t work out.

Grief counseling can help you process your feelings and cope with the physical, emotional, and social responses to loss. It also offers a path to understanding and appreciating your new life circumstances. Everyone grieves in their own manner and on their own timeline. Grief can also involve other emotions, including regret, anger, and guilt. Healing takes time, and counseling can help you work through these emotions.

Our team of therapists can help you deal with loss, regardless of the type of loss you are experiencing. We use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you cope. We support you as you process the loss and learn how to rebuild your life learning new routines, new roles and an new way of life.

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