• Do you struggle to making decisions in your life (especially in your relationship)?

  • Do you make sacrifices for others to satisfy their needs overriding your own?

  • Do you have difficulty identifying what your needs are?

  • Do you avoid sharing feelings to prevent conflict in your life (especially in your primary relationships and friendships)?

  • Are your moods and happiness defined by another person?

  • Do you rely heavily on how others see you?

  • Do you overcommit and have difficulty saying no to others (in your primary relationship or just in general)?

codependencyLife is a series of decisions and tradeoffs. Often childhood experiences, especially within our family, or in friendship situations, coupled with our own tendency to be sensitive and “feel others feelings” sets the stage for codependency in adulthood.

While often recognized in romantic partnerships, codependent relationships can occur between a parent and child, siblings or close friends. Relationships always have some codependence, involving give and take as well as advice and guidance. This is unhealthy when the codependent behavior reaches extremes, creating unhealthy, dissatisfying relationships.

Codependency can be successfully treated and you can rebuild your sense of self. Finding the right therapist can help you change ingrained patterns that have developed from codependent behaviors and relationships. Through counseling, you will be able to recognize your own wants and needs, understand that you are capable and competent, learn to set boundaries with your partner, your friendships and people in general and respond appropriately to their behavior. With therapy, you can become responsible for your own happiness, and accept that you are not responsible for the happiness of others.

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