Couples Counseling for One

  • Are you interested in relationship counseling but your partner refuses to go?

  • Would you like better strategies for communicating with your partner?

  • Are you reluctant to share details about your relationship in front of your partner?

marital counseling for oneCouples counseling is an effective option for many marriages, but for some, it may be beneficial to only have one spouse participate in counseling. In some cases, one partner may refuse to participate in couples counseling, while in others it may be difficult to honestly discuss the state of your marriage in front of your partner. In either situation, deciding to come in for therapy to work on being happier within your own life, in combination with gaining insights on how to approach your relationship, is a great choice.

When a relationship has been stagnant or has frequent arguing, there is essentially a log jam in the system. What happens in systems is when one object (or person) moves or changes in the system, the whole system shifts.
Often, the person who comes in for therapy is the one who’s been working so hard to fix or change the situation. Giving themselves the opportunity to work with an objective person to help sort through what has been going on causes that person to begin to relax into the process and begin to take better care of themselves overall. They also begin to shift their style of communication and make various subtle but important changes in both their own lives and in their relationship that can gradually start to make a big difference.

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