Stress Management

  • Do you become easily agitated?

  • Are you moodier than you used to be?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and fear you are losing control?

  • Are you experiencing low energy, headaches, upset stomach, or chest pain?

  • Do you constantly worry?

stress managementIf you answered yes to some of these questions, you may be experiencing extreme stress. Some level of tension is a reality for everyone, and it is part of life. In fact, a little stress is fine. It is the body’s reaction to harmful situations and it impacts your emotions, behaviors, and health. Everyone handles stress differently, but too much can be exhausting, making day-to-day life tedious. We are inundated with challenges in our daily lives—anything from a terrible commute, bills, work deadlines, and family issues. Many of us don’t recognize how it is impacting us until we are almost at the breaking point. If it is negatively impacting the quality of your life, individual therapy may help.

If you don’t feel you are effectively managing your stress, there are strategies that can help. Learning how to manage it often results in a higher quality of life. Some of the benefits of effectively managing stress include decreased anxiety and physical pain, as well as an improved concentration. Our team of professionals are trained in a variety of modalities to help individuals deal with stress. Don’t let it take over your life. Instead, take that first step to seek help and manage your stress.

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