Marital/Life Partner Counseling

  • Have you or your spouse had or considered having an affair?

  • Do you and your partner often struggle to communicate?

  • Have you and your spouse grown apart?

  • Do you and your spouse often criticize each other?

  • Are you having conflicts over raising children or substance abuse?

marital counselingIt is widely held that half of all marriages end in divorce, but each marriage is far more complex than this statistic indicates. Differences in the partners’ levels of education, religious backgrounds and income level are all factors in the outcome of a marriage or life partnership. Couples therapy offers tools that can help partners change their patterns of interaction, improve emotional connection and develop stronger communication in order to resolve these issues.

For counseling to be effective, however, both partners must be open to change, receiving therapy and frankly discussing their flaws. Marriage counseling helps foster open communication between partners and can help couples learn problem solving and various strategies for rationally discussing your differences. By working to repair negative communication practices between partners, marital and life partner counseling can provide dramatic improvements to your relationship.

Ready to get started?

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