Nanette Martin, LCPC

Nanette Marin, LCPC

The therapeutic process can be very intimidating. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor practicing for over 25 years, it is important for me to put people at ease through a conversational style when getting to know them. When I hear clients say, “where did the time go?” or “this isn’t as hard as I thought”, I know that we are starting to take off. Of course, there are rough moments in therapy as you tackle the challenges or stuck areas of your life. Similar to the metamorphosis of the butterfly, during this process, you are unfolding, healing, changing perceptions, taking new risks, pushing boundaries, and seeing yourself through different eyes.

I believe the core of therapy is working on all relationships; the most important being the relationship with yourself. My style combines warmth with gentle challenges and guiding questions to deepen your understanding of yourself. My passion is working with clients who have identified themselves as caretakers, people pleasers, codependents, and perfectionists. I utilize Relational Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction approaches.

For those of you struggling in a relationship, I have found doing “couples therapy for one” can be a very effective strategy when your partner does not want to go to therapy. We work together to identify problem areas in the relationship enabling you to change your approach to the “repetitive dance.” Often these changes help to the point where couples therapy may not even be needed.

Engaging in the process of therapy could be one of the most important moves you make in your life. It can be life-changing and I have watched many people take their lives to a new level, whether it be in their careers, their relationships, or simply in having a more of what they want in their life. I hope you’ll give therapy a try.