Technology Issues

  • Do you or your teenager spend too much time using technology?

  • Are you struggling to have your child to put away their phone or computer?

  • Is it difficult to limit your teenager’s access to technology?

  • Do you have trouble modeling appropriate use of technology for your child?

  • Has technology taken over your teenager’s life?

technology issuesIf you are concerned about your own or your child’s use of technology, counseling can provide valuable support and guidance. On average, adults spend approximately 11 hours per day using technology, while teenagers are using screens or digital media for roughly 9 hours per day. For both adults and children, excessive screen time can contribute to increased feelings of anxiety and depression.

As the use of phones, computers and other devices have continued to proliferate, technology addiction in children and adults has become more widespread. Some signs of technology addiction include a person’s difficulty moderating their use of technology, and may involve excessive use of social media, video games, online gambling, or pornography.

Counseling for technology addiction can help you or your child understand the consequences technology addiction has on your mental wellbeing, and to develop effective strategies for regulating technology usage. Martin Therapy Group has therapists with training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, which are two methods for treating technology addiction.

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