Addiction – Early Recovery Issues

  • Are you recovering from an addiction?

  • Are you having trouble developing new coping strategies?

  • Are you having trouble managing your symptoms?

  • Do you need help establishing a healthy daily routine?

  • Are you experiencing a setback in your recovery?

AddictionSuccessfully completing a recovery program for addiction and reentering your life as a sober individual is often difficult. The recovery process is highly personal, and its challenges can feel overwhelming. Getting back into your life means establishing new routines and habits to support your healthy lifestyle. Developing effective coping strategies will help you transition to your new way of living. Setbacks may occur, however, and it is important to recognize when you need help. You are now navigating life in a new way, which requires a new set of skills.

Establishing new habits and techniques is hard, and addressing the issues that contributed to your addiction requires a great deal of effort. Working with a trained therapist can help you continue your addiction recovery by developing the tools necessary to live addiction free.

Our therapists have the background and experience to help you through the recovery process. We can assist you in establishing healthier habits and new relationships that are not centered around your addiction. We will work with you to develop a plan for you to continue your recovery.

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