Getting Started

What To Expect

It is a courageous choice to start therapy. Therapy offers an avenue where you discuss the challenges you are facing without judgement. At Martin Therapy Group, our therapists work together with clients to help them live the life they want. With our experience and knowledge, we have developed effective methods to help people deal with the challenges we all face.

It is helpful to ask yourself this question, what do you want out of therapy? A lot of the success of therapy can depend on your expectations. Some people go to therapy for a specific problem, a crisis situation, generally feeling down, or some other reason.

Whatever the reason you have decided to seek help, it sometimes makes it easier if you know what to expect. Typically, at the first session, the therapist will ask you why you are starting therapy, your personal history, your current situation and symptoms. That will help the therapist do an initial assessment. A diagnosis is not always provided right away; it is more typical for a diagnosis to take several sessions.

Every client is different, Martin Therapy Group therapists do not use a cookie cutter approach. What will help with therapy is if you take an active part in each session, if you answer questions open and honestly, if you are prepared to discuss your feelings and what is wrong.

Be realistic with your expectations, therapy is not a quick fix, it is a process, and working together with the right therapist, therapy can be successful in resolving issues. Therapy can help. Call today to get started.