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Is your marriage experiencing any of the following problems :

  • a decline in friendship and respect
  • you no longer feel close to each other, and one or both of you may have even stopped trying to connect
  • there are constant or intense arguments that escalate quickly
  • during arguments you put each other down, blame each other for problems, or refuse to even talk about the problems
  • you feel you are no longer working toward the same life goals or seem to want the same things out of life
  • you are beginning to feel you no longer really know your partner
  • you frequently feel very lonely in the marriage and seldom feel emotionally supported by your spouse
  • there’s been a major breach of trust that has damaged your relationship

There are significant benefits to being married. On average married people have greater wealth and career success. People in happy marriages live longer, and their physical health is better. On the other hand, a troubled marriage filled with stress, conflict, and struggle, can take a dramatic toll on both mental and physical health. Consequently, choosing whether to marry, and the quality of our marriage, is one the greatest factors affecting our well being that we will experience in our lifetime.

Yet few of us receive little or no training on how to have a successful marriage. In the last 25 years the field of psychology has made great strides in knowing what makes marriages successful. We can help you learn and develop those skills so you can have the marriage you want.

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