Laura Von Borstel , LCSW

Laura Von Borstel , LCSW

Laura Von Borstel has been helping individuals and couples since 1987. “I love what I do, and I love seeing people go from the anxiety and stress they come in with to having contentment and happiness in their lives”. Her passion for this work shows in the changes clients start to feel, sometimes within weeks. Many stay longer to work on more long-standing issues that they’ve been struggling with.

She feels strongly about building trust with her clients so they can develop the self-awareness and tools to make the changes that will really last. She works with individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or depressed about their lives. It might be a recent crisis or loss or something more ongoing.  Laura also works with couples to stop the pain and reignite their connection to one another. She also enjoys working with young people as they “fight to find their path in life“.

“No one should have to keep struggling when there are tools and support for them. Life is hard and getting the right support at the right time can make all the difference”.

If you would like to work with Laura, give her a call to schedule an appointment. She is currently working with clients both in person and through Telehealth.